The Adventures of Mothman

A journey into the world of entomology, as told by an enthusiastic entomologist with a fondness for moths.

Image Use

Copyright Statement

All text and photos appearing on this website are © Joel D. Hernandez, all rights reserved. See “Image Use Policy” below for details regarding conditions for allowed use.

Image Use Policy

All images appearing on this website are © Joel D. Hernandez unless stated otherwise and may not be reproduced in any form without prior written permission. The following specific uses of web versions are allowed without prior permission:

    1. Educational classroom use by students, teachers, and researchers;
    2. Use in presentations and posters by participants of academic conferences;
    3. Reposting online on social media (e.g., Facebook, Twitter, personal blogs, etc.) by individuals acting in a strictly personal capacity.

Social Media

People acting in a personal capacity are welcome to share my photographs on blogs, web pages, and social media accounts without prior permission, provided that all images are accompanied by a link back to Failure to attribute an image properly may result in a take down notice to the web host.

Derivative Artworks

Prior permission is required to copy all or parts of my photographs in derivative artworks. Some adaptations I may consider to be Fair Use, others will require a formal licensing agreement. The only way to be sure is to ask.

Classroom Use

Educational classroom use by students, teachers, and researchers is strongly encouraged, and does not require prior permission as long as the use does not involve uploading images to the internet. If the project involves posting my photographs to the internet, prior permission is required and images must be accompanied by a visible photo credit and a link back to Citing sources is good scholarship, after all!

Conference Presentations

Participants of academic conferences are welcome to use my photographs in presentations and posters without prior permission. I require images to be accompanied by a credit.

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